"Naomi is an excellent song leader. She has a variety of interesting and instructive warmups and tuning exercises. Her obviously high level of musicianship and directing skills means that she asks for high standards, and she gets results with warm and gentle encouragement--she’s very professional but also very approachable."

Nancy Synnestvedt


"Thanks for your leadership - gentle and enthusiastic - we can’t help but give of our best!"

Karel Baum


Naomi is a pleasure to sing with. Her continued support and positivity make it a joy to sing with her. For a non-Estonian to come to conduct this massive choir of 75 or so members, and get the pronunciation of our strange vowels correct (most of the time) and the nuances of the words, and interpret the songs the way they need to be sung, and get the 75 members to all sing the correct words and notes at the same time, is truly remarkable! I have nothing but praise for Naomi!

Ingrid Renno


"From a panel of 5 who applied for the role of Choir Director for our Choir (Kooskõlas) Naomi was a stand out. Her application was supported by her complete love of music, her eagerness to absorb the challenges we faced and her dedication to understand the Estonian culture.

She has presented herself as a wonderful conductor where she quietly challenges us to perform to the best of our abilities.

We are not a professional choir, but a band of amateurs that wants to represent their culture in their homeland in a festival that we have to audition to be part of. She has continually nurtured our learnings and skills to ensure that we blend into a glorious sound that the music requires. We look forward to taking Naomi on our travels to Estonia to be part of a great adventure."

Kooskõlas Choir Committee

Naomi you are a wonderful choral conductor & mentor. Your love of singing is infectious and you have successfully guided our choir.

Mai Bell


"I am pleased to write with reference to the special talents of Naomi Cooper. It has been a pleasure to sing in a choir conducted by this special young lady. Naomi is one of those rare gifted musicians who not only have inherent talent but the ability to share that talent and transform and enthuse those privileged to be singing in a choir conducted by her. Naomi has a vibrant personality and brings warmth and sincerity to choir rehearsals.  Naomi is the commensurate professional at her art and always  prepared with an ability to relate to and bring out the best in her singers. A remarkable talent and I consider it a privilege to sing, learn and perform under her guidance. I offer an apology in espousing the talents of Dr Cooper as mere words do not do her justice. I should be singing her praises from the treetops."

Harry Ling


Thank you for your enthusiasm, inclusiveness and musicianship. You have the ability to find music in every person.

Terje Mirlieb


"Naomi, thank you for your high degree of professionalism and also being able to be so friendly. As a 72 y.o. first timer you make my entry into this world very exciting."

Toomas Nelson

Lake Macquarie

"I’ve certainly enjoyed the experience of your musical leadership and conducting for our choir.  Not only are you generous and respectful of everyone but you have taught us so much and your musicianship has honed our voices to produce incredible music together.  Personally i’ve noticed my ability to sing has hugely improved.  I sing as part of my job as a kindergarten teacher and since attending your rehearsals have found that I am much more consistent in my ability to sing -in the past, sometimes I could but other times the sound just didn’t happen properly!  But now i’m much more in charge of my voice!

All your advice and patience paid off at our audition.  It was an amazing and uplifting experience to sing together with you conducting us all.  

Thank you so much, you have been so supportive, encouraging and inspirational and at the same time so proficient and professional."

Ann Aisatullin