Naomi is a vibrant musicianship teacher with experience teaching children and adults of all ages. She is passionate about music education and believes in universal access to high quality music education. Children and adults love Naomi’s infectious energy, creativity and playfulness that is underpinned by meticulously sequenced pedagogy. She takes great care in understanding each of her students and tailoring lessons for each individual’s learning style, personality, interests and existing skill set to ensure the best learning outcomes. Her capacity to develop a strong rapport with her students fosters a love of music and learning.

Lessons may include:

  • Aural skills

  • Harmony

  • Solfa

  • Sight-singing

  • AMEB exam preparation

Course for young children

  • A Kodály-inspired curriculum including singing, musical games and teaching strategies designed for young children

  • Introduction to musical concepts

Beginner lessons

  • Introduction to musicianship including basic pitch and rhythm relationships

  • How to read a musical score

  • Introduction to solfa

Intermediate lessons

  • Further use of solfa

  • Rhythmic dictation

  • Melodic dictation

  • Harmonic analysis

  • Applications to current repertoire

Advanced lessons

  • Sight-singing

  • Musicianship skills applicable to your area of interest

  • Score analysis