Naomi is a vibrant musicianship teacher with experience teaching children and adults of all ages from beginners through to advanced performers. Naomi completed a Bachelor of Music with Distinction and First Class Honours and holds a PhD in music. She is passionate about music education and believes in universal access to high quality music education. 

Children and adults love Naomi’s infectious energy, creativity and playfulness that is underpinned by meticulously sequenced pedagogy. She takes great care in understanding each of her students and tailoring lessons for each individual’s learning style, personality, interests and existing skill set to ensure the best learning outcomes. Her capacity to develop a strong rapport with her students fosters a love of music and learning.

Naomi has studied Kodály philosophy and methodology through courses and summer schools under the tutelage of Dr László Nemes (Hungary), Katalin Körtvési (Hungary), Dr Árpád Tóth (Hungary), Réka Csernyik (Hungary/Australia), Michael Bradshaw, Hélène Matters (USA/Australia), Aleta King, David Banney and Catriona Turnbull.

Naomi currently teaches musicianship for Sydney Youth Orchestras as well as individual and small group lessons privately.


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