Naomi trained as a classical guitarist and performs as a freelance musician on a regular basis. In addition to her classical training, Naomi is experienced in a range of other styles including pop, rock and folk, having performed as a guitarist and vocalist with several bands.  Naomi currently performs in a bluegrass band with recent performances at KiwiGrass (Hamilton, NZ), Kelly Country Pick (Beechworth, VIC), Northern Beaches Music Festival (Sydney, NSW) and Dorrigo Bluegrass and Folk Festival (Dorrigo, NSW).  


Naomi is a vibrant guitar teacher with experience teaching children and adults of all ages. Naomi is passionate about music education and believes in universal access to high quality music education. Naomi's structured, sequential and enjoyable approach to guitar tuition involves tailoring lessons to individual students’ learning styles, personality, interests and existing skill set to ensure the best learning outcomes for all students. Naomi’s capacity to develop a strong rapport with her students fosters a love of music and learning.